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Fujian Lawyer

Xiamen University Law SchoolXiamen University Law School
2016-12-24 06:14:49Law SchoolsLaw SchoolXiamen
Xiamen Law School International Master Program The program is a course-based master's program for overseas students, focusing on Chinese law. Based on the introduction to Chinese legal system, it covers various fields of civil and commercial law theory and system, such as property law, tort law, contract law, corporate law, insurance law, intellectual property law, foreign investment law, tax law
Quanzhou Min Wing Law Firm Quanzhou Min Wing Law Firm
2016-12-15 00:40:22Criminal LawyerLaw FirmQuanzhou
One of the most respected, progressive and dynamic law firms at Quanzhou, Xiamen, Min Wing law firm takes a holistic approach to the practice of law. We are completely integrated and focus on providing clients with seamless access to the in-depth knowledge of our diverse range of practice areas. Fujian Min Wing law firm is by the National Ministry of Justice and the judicial Department of Fujian
Xiamen lawyer Yang ChaoweiXiamen lawyer Yang Chaowei
2016-12-14 23:30:49Employment LawyerLawyerXiamen
Xiamen Yang Chaowei Lawyer used to work for Datian County Court, Datian County Law Firm. From 1994.2 to 2000.7, he worked as a head in Sanming Hongyan Law Firm. From 2005.9 to 2007.9, he worked as a head in Quanzhou Branch, Fujian Fidelity Law Firm. Lawyer Yang Chaowei masters in areas of Criminal Defense, Administrative Litigation, Labor Affairs, Real Estate Affairs. He was prized as “Excellent D ...
The Fuzhou law firm offers a complete range of corporate and insurance regulatory services to its domestic and international clients in order to satisfy the complex and diverse demands of the industry. the Wang Jing & Co. Fuzhou correspondent office officially started to offer a variety of legal services to clients in and around Fuzhou and Wenzhou area. Fuzhou correspondent office mainly provides

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