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Guangxi Lawyer

Guilin ETR Law FirmGuilin ETR Law Firm
2016-12-22 18:34:54Contract LawyerLaw FirmGuilin
Guilin ETR Law Firm’s strong team of professionals provide all social circles with comprehensive and efficient legal services; the company-like management and operation model, sound system and mechanism, scientific management and professional supporting systems, and effective risk quality control system, all of these provide a strong guarantee for serving our customers. with “Efficiency, Trust and ...
Nanning lawyer Zhou HuabingNanning lawyer Zhou Huabing
2016-12-16 21:08:19Criminal LawyerLawyerNanning
Zhou Huabing, China University of Political Science and Law Doctor of Law, Peking University EMBA, National Excellent Law Firm Guangxi Wanyi Law Firm Senior Partner, Deputy Director, China Law Society, China Academy of Management Science Institute of Humanities Research Fellow; The Nanning Lawyers Association, the Guangxi Lawyers Association criminal defense professional committee, the Guangxi Ins
Han YulongHan Yulong
2013-11-14 16:22:13Employment LawyerLawyerBeihai
Beihai Lawyer Han Yulong lawyer, Guangxi Pilot Joint Law Firm full-time lawyers. Guangxi University law school graduate lawyer familiar with enterprise management, financial management services.
Beihai Lawyer Du DeqiBeihai Lawyer Du Deqi
2013-11-14 16:20:21Divorce LawyerLawyerBeihai
Beihai Lawyer Du Deqi, Guangxi Pilot Joint Law Firm lawyers, legal graduate education, member of All China Lawyers Association, the North Sea Lawyers Association. Du Deqi lawyers for many years.
Beihai lawyer Liu ChanyingBeihai lawyer Liu Chanying
2013-11-14 16:18:34Contract LawyerLawyerBeihai
Liu Chanying, Peking University graduate, September 2, 2011 date in Canton Corsica law firm. Warm, solid theory. Since the practice, a professional attitude and knowledge to maximize your interest.

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