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Kingborts is a comprehensive law firm founded in May, 2005 and approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. The law firm is based in Panyu, Guangzhou. Through 10-year development, it has become a well known comprehensive law firm in Panyu District. It has been awarded the title of “Law Firm with Normative Management in Guangdong” since 2010. Since 2008, Kingborts transformed from indivi
Panyu lawyer
Panyu lawyer

Panyu Kingborts Law Firm Profile

Kingborts is a comprehensive law firm founded in May, 2005 and approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. The law firm is based in Panyu, Guangzhou. Through 10-year development, it has become a well known comprehensive law firm in Panyu District. It has been awarded the title of “Law Firm with Normative Management in Guangdong” since 2010. Since 2008, Kingborts transformed from individual work to team work, and explored and reformed to the direction of scale, normalization, specialization and branding. Through a series of researches and reformations, Kingborts has realized great-leap-forward development. Not only the scale construction gained significant results, but also the construction of standardization, specialization and teamwork obtained plentiful and substantial achievements. Kingborts has established advanced management systems and the specialized teamwork mode, which lays a foundation to control business quality effectively and builds the path of resource sharing mechanism. Kingborts will actively explore branding construction and development road of Chinese law firms with persistence.

Kingborts sticks to the management spirit of “to be a conscientious lawyer with people oriented” and the supply of superior legal services unitedly. Kingborts boasts more than 60 lawyers and other professionals among which the majority of lawyers graduated from famous law universities. Kingborts also owns near 1000m2 office area and has realized computerization management of various businesses. It is equipped with cars for special use and a batch of modern office equipment. It also invested in a huge sum of money to improve work environment, add high-tech facilities such as prevention of burglary and monitoring equipment, set up and perfect communication apparatus, computerization work facilities, e-record management system, internal networking, broadband internet access and so on so as to ensure communicate and exchange with customers timely and improve the whole management level, service quality and efficiency as well as provide timely, fast and superior legal services for various customers. 

Legal center: +86-020-34806330 34806377 

Fax: +86-020-34806399 

Mortgage center:  +86-020-34511611 34804052 

Fax: +86-020-84661800 

Address: No. 18, 8th Floor,Fuhua Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, CHINA 

Panyu Kingborts Law Firm Practice Areas

Kingborts provides legal services including corporate establishment, alternation and daily operating management. In recent years, Kingborts, focused on main business and management system of customers, has selected different entry points to find out various legal risks companies are faced with and formed a series of legal risk management products which can enter in daily operating management. The major services in this field include: Corporate establishment and alternation

  • Corporate merger and separation;
  • Company liquidation and cancellation;
  • Corporate legal adviser;
  • Comprehensive legal risk management;
  • Legal risk management of single business module or management module;
  • Corporate juridical person management;
  • Family business management;  

Corporate Acquisition, Merger and Reorganization  

Corporate reorganization, acquisition and merger are the major services of Kingborts in recent years. Kingborts is in the dominant position in this field, including reorganization, merger of many large-scale enterprises (including state-owned enterprises) and listed companies as well as cross-border acquisition. Domestic and cross-border merger projects cover various fields including finance, manufacturing, real estate, electronics, clothing and service. Among these merger projects, Kingborts assists customers in solving problems and making deals in varied and complex legal and supervision environment. Kingborts’s effective teamwork and solid professional knowledge as well as negotiation skills have won good reputations from customers, especially in those merger projects with large objects and heavy negotiations. In the long-term operation process, Kingborts’s lawyers in this field have established good communications with relevant supervision organizations and also favorable relationship with numerous investment banks at home and abroad, accounting firms, assessment institutions and other intermediary organs. The scope of legal services in this field include: Industry access policy consultation

  • Deal structure design;
  • Tax planning;
  • Due diligence;
  • Contract and document drafting, negotiation;
  • Supply of ideas about authorization, procedure for examination and approval necessary for transactions;
  • Supply of legal advice according to requirements of customers and regulators;
  • Assisting application for approval from government departments or handling registration;
  • Tracking the implementation of transaction contract;
  • Integration of relevant legal services after transaction;

Real Estate and Construction Project

As a comprehensive law firm, Kingborts gathers a batch of excellent professionals in real estate. It not only has professional lawyers in real estate with abundant experience to provide various types of legal services for main participants in the fields related to real estate, including government departments, real estate developers, building enterprises, lenders, investment banks, owner-occupation project units, domestic and overseas investors, but also has the advantages to rapidly organize cross-field cooperation teams who can provide comprehensive legal services in a timely and accurate way. Through close cooperation with financial institutions, companies and capital market teams, Kingborts has participated in a large number of mergers, investments, cooperative development of real estate projects. Kingborts also has rich experience in solving real estate disputes. Kingborts has maintained customers’ rights and interests effectively by virtue of full understanding of each link of real estate plus lawsuit and arbitration lawyers’ accurate grasp of arbitration procedures. The main services in this field include:

  • Primary development of land;
  • Bid invitation, auction and listing of land-use right;
  • Project approval and initiation and setup of project company;
  • Project company merger;
  • Bid invitation and bidding for projects;
  • Engineering design, construction and supervision;
  • Engineering Settlement;
  • Property sales, transfer, lease and property management;
  • Commercial property operation;
  • Full-process legal risk management for real estate project development;

Dispute Resolution  

Kingborts is one of the law firms with strong dispute resolution ability in Panyu district. Kingborts’s lawsuit team have rich experience in lawsuit, arbitration, compulsory execution cases and handling emergencies. It once successfully acted numerous  great, difficult and far-reaching cases on behalf of domestic and overseas customers covering all legal fields including civil, commercial and administrative affairs and involving major industries at home and abroad. Kingborts’s lawyers use their wisdom to realize reconciliation expertly for customers and opposite sides so as to reduce dispute resolution cost to the largest extent while devoting themselves to assisting customers in wining lawsuits. They are always committed to raising clear, direct and constructive suggestions, adopt pragmatic strategies and strive to assist customers in stating evidence with most effective methods so as to pursue maximization of customers’ interest in combination of customers’ requirements and case handling experience. Their outstanding linguistic competence, communication skills, expertise, professional ethics and efficient teamwork win praises from domestic and oversea customers. The main services supplied in this field include: Domestic lawsuit and arbitration

  • investigation and collection of evidence prior to the court;
  • Assets preservation;
  • Court hearing agency;
  • Compulsory execution of valid legal instrument;
  • Alternative dispute resolution - compromise settlement;
  • Preparation of negotiation scheme;
  • Assisting customers in negotiation on behalf of them;
  • Drafting or verifying settlement agreement;
  • Implementing of settlement agreement on behalf of customers;

Labor Law  

Kingborts completely understands the importance of labor law affairs for customers and attaches great importance to law services in this field. Kingborts lawyers have rich experience in assisting customers in establishing labor and human resource management system, handling common labor contract affairs and settling various labor disputes in the current labor law environment. Services provided in this field mainly include:

  • Assist customers in establishing labor relation and human resource management program and system
  • Assist in drafting labor contracts, training agreements, non-competition agreement and confidentiality agreement
  • Assist in establishing employee manual and in-company rules and regulations
  • Employee status replacement, personnel arrangement and compensation affairs in state-owned enterprises
  • Personnel transfer, dissolution and placement in company reorganization, bankruptcy and liquidation procedures
  • Labor protection, social insurance, industrial injury and occupational disease affairs
  • Labor dispute resolution and litigation

Criminal Defense  

Criminal defense service is also one of the traditional dominant service areas. Criminal defense lawyers of Kingborts are senior lawyers proficient in company law and criminal law. All of them graduated from Chinese famous law colleges with a solid base of professional knowledge and a deep foundation of academic theory. They are good at handling various important, difficult, complicated and mass criminal cases. Services provided in this field mainly include:

  • Information and charge of criminal cases on behalf of the client
  • Provide legal aids for criminal suspects in the investigation stage
  • Act as the defender of criminal suspects in the stage of review and prosecution and of defendants and appellants in the trial stage
  • Participate in criminal suit activities and conduct civil suit activities collateral to criminal proceedings on behalf of the victim
  • Conduct criminal appeal, counterappeal application and other law activities associated with the criminal case on behalf of the client


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Lawyer Status Panyu Real property lawyer active.


Guangzhou, Guangdong



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