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At Tianhe Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, effective legal advice. As one of Taiyuan’s leading law firms, we have substantial experience of operating in one of China’s fastest-growing and most dynamic cities and have the ability to support a range of clients across the region. In specializing in business law, we have advised and supported leading local and international corp
Taiyuan Lawyer
Taiyuan Lawyer

Taiyuan Tianhe Law Firm Profile

At Tianhe Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, effective legal advice. As one of Taiyuan’s leading law firms, we have substantial experience of operating in one of China’s fastest-growing and most dynamic cities and have the ability to support a range of clients across the region. In specializing in business law, we have advised and supported leading local and international corporations of all sizes, to help them develop and grow across the Taiyuan region. 

To support our clients, we have:

  • A very strong, professional team – with both Mandarin and English language capabilities and a wealth of experience in all business-related matters;
  • An ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues and to work across borders to provide seamless legal and commercial advice;
  • A well-trained legal and support team, who keep up-to-date with the most recent changes in the legal world and various industry sectors;
  • A commitment to providing all our clients with tailored, cost-effective legal advice, taking into account their specific circumstances and trends within their industry sector.

Why Clients choose Tianhe Law Firm:

China is currently experiencing substantial economic growth, combined with rapid changes to the legal system. For foreign companies seeking to invest and grow throughout China, these legal complexities can be a challenge. At Tianhe Law Firm, we have the legal expertise and commercial acumen to guide our clients through these complexities and help their businesses reach their full potential.

We are the first choice law firm in Taiyuan for numerous companies because we offer:

  • Lawyers who have rich and diverse experiences in the practice of law and the provision of tailored commercial advice for our clients;
  • The ability to identify new business models and means for making commercial operations run in a more cost-efficient manner;
  • Up-to-date industry and market knowledge to make our legal advice relevant for now and in the future;
  • Support for international and national companies both in transactional and contentious work, which includes support during sensitive business negotiations and representation in courts nationwide;
  • High levels of local knowledge, which is particularly useful as a support network for companies with little or no knowledge of the legal or commercial environment in China. This is combined with our desire to build lasting relationships with our clients, built upon mutual trust.

Taiyuan Tianhe Law Firm Practice Areas

Corporate law practice

Corporate law is one of Tianhe’s traditionally core areas of legal business expertise. Our lawyers have had experience representing multinational companies, big and small, private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, as well as government officials. Particularly in mergers and acquisitions, and the restructuring of transaction settlements, Tianhe lawyers have a deep understanding of the business interests of all parties involved. The legal perspective on commercial, financial, tax and corporate strategy provide an integrated and creative framework to help with any category of legal question. The Corporate Business Scope:

  • Development of a scheme for company establishment
  • Company registration services, including the drafting of the shareholders' agreements, partnership agreements, articles of association and other legal documents 
  • Merger and separation of company 
  • Equity structure design and optimization
  • Corporate governance
  • Option plan
  • Labor relations’ management
  • Company restructuring
  • Company dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation
  • As perennial legal counsel, to provide real-time, efficient service for the daily operation of enterprises

The Mergers and Acquisitions Business Scope:

  • Legal due diligence investigation
  • Mergers and acquisitions proposed restructuring proposals
  • Comprehensive legal, tax, financial, administrative licensing 
  • Participation in the design and optimization of the structure and trading scheme involved in mergers and acquisitions
  • Mergers of enterprises of all kinds of system or mechanism design
  • Provides advice about the arrangement of control right and corporate governance optimization
  • The drafting and review of all transaction documents
  • Participation in commercial negotiations
  • For approval, license, registration, filing and antitrust review as well as other kinds of government matters to provide advice and assistance for various procedures
  • Assist mergers and acquisitions delivery   

Estate and Construction

Estate and construction is one of the main fields of business at Tianhe. Its services range from estate development, project financing, project construction, estate rental and general property management. Tianhe has provided legal services to every stage of the process in legal estate and construction work. A legal planning service has been offered to hundreds of large-scale real estate projects in a standardized and professional manner. Lawyers at Tianhe are familiar with private, state-owned and foreign-funded real estate enterprises. Involved in the estate field of Tianhe’s property types including residential, commercial, office, hotel, leisure facilities and various supporting property. 

The Estate business scope: 

  • Risk analysis and risk assessment in legal plan for real estate projects 
  • Draft and establish standards, norms and unified legal filing system which is required for the development of business on real estate 
  • Real estate project planning
  • The tendering, auctioning, and listing off of the right to use the land
  • Land requisition and housing levies
  • Project planning
  • Cooperation and transfer, mergers and acquisitions of projects 
  • Business cooperation and management of the hotel
  • Financing and the trust of the real estate project 
  • Legal services for project construction, government approval, rental, mortgage, property management, taxation and others

The Construction Business Scope:

  • Internal management and risk control of construction enterprises 
  • The planning of construction engineering
  • Process control of engineering system
  • Review, negotiation and performance management of engineering contract 
  • Examination of the engineering file about tendering and bidding
  • Handling complaints and objections during time of engineering, tendering and bidding  
  • Identification, evaluation and control of engineering legal risks
  • Treatment of engineering quality accident and safety accident 
  • The engineering cost control and project settlement
  • Change, approval, visa of engineering 
  • Contract of international engineering
  • Insurance, claim, counterclaim of engineering
  • BT project of construction engineering   

International Trade and investment 

International trade and foreign investment is one of the core areas in of our practices.We are the dinasours in this field with over decades of experience in serving the foreign investers, we arenow providing comprehensive legal service at all level to all the clients especially MNC and WOFE. Through nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, Tianhe has accumulated rich practical experience and good government public relations. Our lawyers are familiar with international trade practices and accurately understand project intention of domestic and foreign customers in order to achieve best legal solutions. The Main Business Scope: 

  • To provide overall project planning and legal service for the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises
  • Due diligence of territory and investment finance
  • Examination, approval, filing, and registration procedures for government departments
  • Mergers and reorganization, plus the liquidation of foreign-funded enterprises
  • To provide advice on international investment involves foreign exchange, taxation and other matters
  • Matters relating to foreign-funded enterprises and daily operation
  • B.O.T (Build-Operate-Transfer) project investment and financing
  • Anti-dumping and countervailing
  • Goods, service trade and processing trade
  • Customs, commodity inspection
  • W.T.O (World Trade Organization) dispute settlement

Legal risk management for enterprise

  • Legal risk management for newly established enterprises, providing a diverse array of legal services that provide targeted comprehensive counsel with regard to system information, enterprise acts and the laws, effective measures to realize the maximization of legal risk minimization and market benefit.
  • The Main Business Scopes:
  • Legal risks of enterprises in the evaluation and summary
  • Investigation and evaluation of enterprise assets operation
  • Recognition and restructuring of enterprise assets
  • Legal risk assessment, mergers and acquisitions, and process management;
  • Integration of the enterprise’ rules and regulations, management process reengineering;
  • Improve the human resources management plans in enterprises
  • Management system construction of enterprise’ foreign contract and drafting of contract standards
  • Legal risk assessment and an optimized implementation plan for major investment enterprise projects

Dispute resolution:

Litigation and arbitration is one of the core strengths of Tianhe. We have a professional litigation and arbitration legal team with a rich experience and with remarkable achievements. Our professional and trustworthy team successfully handles numerous large and difficult cases. Our lawyers have dealt with London Maritime Arbitrators Association, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and in arbitration cases with the International Chamber of commerce. Tianhe lawyers have been in cooperation with foreign counterparts in litigation and arbitration cases with various jurisdictions. In our opinion, litigation and arbitration is just one of the means to safeguard the interests of our customers. Focused on the premise of safeguarding the interests of our customers, we actively create and seize opportunity to solve and mediate disputes with a most beneficial outcome for our customers. The Main Business Scopes:

  • Civil cases;
  • Commercial cases;
  • Administrative litigation cases;
  • Criminal defense (including first, second, the death penalty review);
  • Retrial, execution of major and difficult cases;
  • Commercial arbitration;
  • Consultation, assistance, foreign litigation and arbitration cases. 

Recognized as leaders in the field, we have been voted top lawyers in many fields of law for Taiyuan, Shanxi area. We are known for skilled, dedicated advocacy. Our Taiyuan lawyers represent individuals and businesses through tough legal cases with the one-on-one attention and tailored strategies they need and deserve.

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